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Scene Unseen II 9th May - 1st July 2008

The Primacy of Drawing (continued from page 13)

It would seem to me that drawing is in fact the 'thinking tool of the artist', whatever the style of the final work. It is a great privilege to encounter these works, whether 'working towards' or in their own right. This primacy of drawing is a very precious commodity. The obvious display of drawings by some of the Young British Artists at the present time, clearly indicates an inability to grasp the first elements of good drawing. I believe that some art schools, such as Camberwell, have reintroduced the discipline of drawing into their curriculum.

These first echoes of artistic inspiration are our most valuable asset. Primarily because they reveal so much of the artists' thinking and again reveal how much we can learn from them. When one thinks of Rembrandt one is immediately intrigued by the many etchings that he did for a living. He was able to produce drawings of passion and intensity, however small the work. When we think of the miracle of Leonardo's drawings, what riches we might have lost and Michelangelo's painstaking drawings of his 'Madonna and Child' and what of Durer?

However in our times we might be excited and stimulated by the large drawings of Frank Auerbach and further be delighted by the highly skilful drawing Ana Maria Pacheco. Also the highly linear works of Victor Pasmore are full of taut lyricism. Paul Klee, taking a line for a walk, leads him into his divinely inventive paintings. Yes, one can confidently claim the importance and primacy of drawing.

Cecily Sash, February 2008, Cecily Sash

Sketch of a Patient Support Assistant Pencil on paper 2007 15cm x 21cm

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