Frances Jayne Newman fine art

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Scene Unseen II 9th May - 1st July 2008


Page 5 Introduction - Guy Noble 

Pages 7 - 9 The Artist in Britain and the Workplace - Ron Heisler

Page 11 Frances Newman - Drawings Eric Rimmington

Pages 13 - 15 The Primacy of Drawing - Cecily Sash

Page 36 Biographical details

Works illustrated:

Front cover The Theatre Care Assistant

Page 6 The Linen Distributors

Page 8 The Hospital Radio DJ's

Page 9 The Librarian

Page 10 The Porter and the Concierge

Page 12 The Maternity Care Assistant

Page 14 The Canteen Cashier

Page 15 Sketch of a Patient Support Assistant

Page 16 The Maternity Care & Patient Support Assistants

Page 17 The Pharmacy Technicians

Page 18 The Canteen Assistant

Page 19 The Pharmacy Technicians II

Page 21 The Patient Support Assistant

Page 23 The Anaesthetic Practitioner & the Operating Department Assistant

Page 25 The Motor Cycle Courier and the Pneumatic Pod Operator

Page 27 The Seamstress

Page 29 The Laboratory Technician

Page 31  The Biomedical Scientist

Page 33 The Patient Support Assistant

Page 35 The Maternity Care Assistants

Back cover The Ward House Keeper

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