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Scene Unseen


14th June - 8th July 2007


The Stables Gallery & Arts Centre, 

Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill Lane, London NW2 6HT

A selling exhibition of 18 framed drawings on paper examining the artist's gaze turned upon the everyday occurrences of men and women at work that we witness but often do not see.

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The Stables Gallery is supported by Brent Arts Council


This exhibition has been made possible by the support and backing of a key number of individuals and organisations. 

I would particularly like to thank: Christopher Channing and Clare Gosnold of the Stables Gallery, Margaret Battley and everyone at Cantate Printers, Keith Andrews and his staff at Pendragon Fine Art Framers and Brent Arts Council.

I would also like to thank all those workplaces and individuals who consented to my presence in observing them whilst they went about their everyday tasks. These include: Bovince Limited, The Miller Practice Surgery, Derek Rothera & Company, Eric Rimmington, the Scaffolders on 57 and many others.

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