Frances Jayne Newman fine art

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‘Long title for Rimosa - Rimosa is 17 years old. Her Serbian mother died at the start of the latest Balkans War. Her elder sister was abducted by soldiers and has been missing for over a year. Her Albanian father was taken away and beaten by the KLA two months ago. Rimosa fled hoping to join her brother, Dursan, who had fled to the UK last year to avoid joining the KLA. He had told Rimosa, on the day he fled, that he would not be forced to shoot his Serbian cousins. Rimosa, in fear of her life, sought refuge in the UK with Dursan in an attempt to escape from a mayhem she could not control. Having committed no crime, she now finds herself in a prison without even a trail, awaiting deportation on her eighteenth birthday to a future she can only dread'.

Plaster cast hands, painted in acrylics and set on text from UK Immigration Service Deportation Order, 20 x 20cm 2001.

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