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MA Drawing, (part-time)

Camberwell College of Arts 

Discussion Paper November 2005











Drawn towards the Thames : A journey from Tate Britain towards the Tower in search of clarification and discovery[1].


[1] This 'fun' narrative unashamedly draws on Patrick Keiller's modus operandi adopted in the film 'London'. For concerns regarding the Harvard Convention on Citation please read footnote 16.

[2] Edward Wadsworth, English artist, 1889-1949. The work 'Bronze Ballet' was completed in 1940.

[3] George Lambert born , worked in Britain, 1901 - 1964. The sculpture 'Homo Sapiens' was made in 1937 and shows a man, arms flung upward and back behind him; a bird, wings outstretch shadowing his torso, a fish beneath the man's feet. Was the figure ascending into the sky or descending down into the depths. The caption made no mention of this but talked of 'harmony'.

[4] Brian Roberson, 1964 - 2000. Of Afro-American extraction was executed along with Oliver Cruz in the infamous double execution sanctioned by George W. Bush. He was convicted of double murder in 1986 committed under the influence of drink and drugs. I along with many others wrote to him and campaigned for his pardon for several years before he was murdered by the State of Texas . 

[5] John Locke, 1634 - 1702, English Philosopher. According to Locke, what we know is always properly understood as the relation between ideas, he went on to an extended argument that all of our ideas-simple or complex-are ultimately derived from experience.

[6] Kathe Kollwitz German Artist, 1867 - 1945. 'Nie wieder Krieg' (Never Again War) Poster for the Socialist youth movement produced in 1924 for campaign in Leipzig against the growing clamour for war.

[7] Max Pectstein, 1881 - 1955 German Artist, 'An Allle Kunstler!' (To all Artists!) drawn in 1919 to illustrate the cover of a pamphlet for the radical artists' organisation, The November Group.

[8] I was awaiting an answer to my question on drawing emailed earlier that day to the artist and teacher Eric Rimmington (b. 1926) not his namesake Stella, who was at one time head spokesperson for the den of thieves and Machiavellian intrigues located opposite Tate Britain .

[9] The classical description of a 'flaneur' appears in Baudelaire's essay on Constantin Guys 'Le Peintre de la vie moderne'.

[10] Both Oscar Wilde and E.W.Godwin had houses at Cheneys Walk on the Chelsea Embankment

[11] News From Nowhere: A Vision for Our Time. William Morris's vision of 'how we live and how we might live'. In the novel the Palace of Westminister is referred to as the 'dung market': p299

[12] In his recent book 'Here is Where We Met' John Berger tells of a number of meetings with his mother in Lisbon, many years after her death.

[13] In 'News From Nowhere' William Morris's pro-revolutionary novel, he describes The Houses of Parliament converted into a 'dung market'.  

[14] Rodin's work was based on a passage from the 14th Century chronicle of Jean Froissart, it described the six prosperous leaders of the city, dress only in sack cloth, and bound by a halter, about to sacrifice of themselves for the lifting of the 11 month siege of Calais 

[15] Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822) English revolutionary poet. Arthur Rimbaud (1854 -1891) Influential French poet.

[16] At this point I discussed with Roberson my need to follow the Harvard Convention on Citation and requested from him author, date of publication and page number. He rather took me aback by pointing out that he was merely paraphrasing Benjamin and that furthermore I had been encouraged to 'have fun' with my narrative. I had not noticed his presence at the seminar but agreed that for my fun narrative to work convincingly then I should avoid direct quotation and instead paraphrase and bowdlerise. Instead referring the reader to footnotes and lengthy bibliographical notation.   

[17] Karl Liebknecht (1871 - 1919) German revolutionary socialist Karl Liebknecht was executed without trial on 15th January, 1919 along with Rosa Luxemburg.

[18] William Blake (1757 - 1827). Revolutionary artist. Blake first book of an unfinished poem in seven books, The French Revolution, was printed in 1791. Charged with sedition in 1804 for cursing the king

[19] Martins Brothers Pottery: (1873 -1914) Art pottery inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement.

[20] After the fire of 1834 Barry and Pugin were responsible for the reconstruction of the in the Gothic reform style.

[21] J M W Turner (1775 - 1851) The Burning of the Houses of Parliament 1834

[22] Max Klinger (1857 - 1920) German artist considered to pre-figuring Surrealism. 'A Glove' first exhibited as a series of 10 drawings in 1878 at the Art Union of Berlin

[24] With the introduction to graphite a shinny, metallic substance I had discovered may other mid tones of greys which Roberson thought was closest to the truth.

[25] The strike by almost 500 Liverpool dockers began in 1995 and continued until its eventual defeat in January 1998. A number of demonstrations were held in London and around the world in support of the striking dock workers and their families. I could only make the ones in London but Roberson told me he had heard on a number in New York, although he could not give exact dates or numbers.

[26] Gary Woodley seminar 19th Oct 2005 Camberwell College of Art, Wilson Road. I certainly attended but am unsure if Roberson was in the room.

[27] Dan Clowes interviewed in The Secret of drawing Andrew Graham Dixon BBC 2 Oct 15th 2005

[28] Organization committed to promoting creative processes of democratic engagement to advance social and ecological justice

[29] William Kentridge (b. 1955) South African artist. 'Monument', 1990. 3 minutes 11 seconds animated 16mm film transferred onto video, DVD

[30] Sir Hubert Bennett (B. 1909) principal architect for the South Bank Centre.

[31] Dziga Vertoz (1896 - 1954) influential Soviet Avant-garde film maker. 'Man With a Movie Camera' made 1929.

[32] Hilton Kramer (b. 1928) U.S. conservative cultural critic and commentator. Editor of Arts Magazine, art critic of The Nation magazine and from 1965 to 1982, art critic for the The New York Times. In 1982 he left The New York Times to found The New Criterion magazine, where he works as chief editor and publisher.

[33] Roberto Calvi (1920 - 1982) Known as 'gods banker' because of his links with the Vatican, his body was discovered by a passer-by hanging from scaffolding on a riverside walk under Blackfriars bridge.

[34] I had worked out that I liked a surface with some resistance to work on generally, preparing paper with a primer but was beginning to realize that I needed to investigate paper tones too.

[35] Installation by Rachel Whiteread of a gigantic labyrinth-like structure, entitled 'Embankment', made from 14,000 casts of the inside of different boxes, stacked in the Turbine Hall. The form of a cardboard box has been chosen because of its associations with the storage of intimate personal items and to invoke the sense of mystery surrounding ideas of what a sealed box might contain!

[36] Paul Verlaine (1844 - 1896) French poet. Famous affair with Rimbaud culminated in him wounding him with a revolver shot in Brussels, and consequently sent to prison. On a trip to London in 1872 he describes this area of the river as 'a place that is Tyre and Cartharge all rolled into one.'

[37] Her husband Karl was a doctor in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, a densely populated area where a growing population of workers migrating to the city lived.

[38]Dame Laura Knight (1877 - 1970) Painted as Ruby worked in 1943 in the Royal Ordinance Factory, Newport.

[39] Edward Wolfe RA (1897 - 1982) A compulsive draughtsman known chiefly for his portraits and landscapes, the colourist Wolfe reverted almost completely to river-scapes in the years before his death aged 85.

[40] Traitors Gate was originally known as Water Gate, the name changed when it was used as the landing for the Crown's enemies. All important prisoners entered the Tower through this gate.



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